ESO Crafting and Exploration Details Revealed

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The ESO dev team has just released information about the new gathering, exploration and crafting systems that will be available for players in Elder Scrolls Online. These allow you to open and interact with more items to be able to find and locate more hidden items that you can use for a whole array of purposes. It can allow you to gather more equipment and items that will help to form a recipe that is directly linked to the crafting system.

Elder Scrolls Online Gathering and Exploration

When you go out into the online world you will find and interact with many things, such as plants and barrels with hidden ingredients inside. These will allow you to have the ability to make new items that you couldn’t before and allow you to make the game more customized and unique to you.

How Crafting Works

There is a lot more than just crafting resources available in the online world, you can also find books in the mages guild and many other places. You can also find books in the fishing guild that will highlight which bate to use to catch different types of fish so when you are competing with your friends you will know exactly what you are able to catch. This will allow you to more effectively catch fish if you know what type of fish are lurking in specific fishing spots. All of these methods will help you catch the best fish you can!

Exploration is Rewarded

There are also hidden chests hidden in secret locations that have locks, the more you use the lock picking skill the more efficient you will become allowing you get access to the valuable items inside. There are also all the regular professions that you are used to seeing in the previous Elder Scrolls games. These include:

Weaponsmith – Create Weapons of all types

Armorsmith – Create Armors of all types

Alchemist – Create Potions

Enchantments – Make staffs, Jewelry and Glyphs (enchantments)

Provisioner – Make Food and Drink

One good thing, like in the previous games is that you do not have to go to any trainers to pick up crafting plans. It is all up to you to experiment and find the ideal way to craft the item that you desire and is what creates the challenge of being a skilled crafter.

Here’s the video that announced all of this:

Other Info

There are also Skyshards that are used to increase your skill level; if you collect three it equals one skill point for any ability. Some will be easy to find and others will be more challenging being specifically guarded. There are also Mundus Stones that are available for every player which grants you specific powers and enhance abilities however you can old have one of these enabled at once. Overall this new game is definitely worth looking into and a great accompaniment to the rest of the Elder Scrolls games.

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