ESO Addons – Recommended Combat & UI Addons for ESO

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Recommended ESO Addons

Like pretty much any other MMO out there, The Elder Scrolls Online is far from being perfect. There are certain elements within combat, looting, and other user interface specifics that can be downright frustrating. Luckily there are developers out there who like to improve upon games using the API to create addons. Below we’ve outlined some of our favorite ESO addons that we think will help you out as well.

ESO Combat Addons

There aren’t a ton of addons associated with improving the combat interface of Elder Scrolls Online at this time but there is one and it’s one of absolute favorites.

Foundry Tactical Combat

It’s called FTC (Foundry Tactical Combat) and it comes from the awesome team at This addon does a number of things including track buffs & debuffs, provide information regarding incoming & outgoing damage, heals, and a multitude of other useful actions.

Here is a video of FTC in action as well as instructions on how to install it:

You can download the official FTC files from this page on Tamriel Foundry. It can be found elsewhere but it’s best to download it from the original source to ensure you’re getting the latest version.

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ESO UI Addons

ESO is designed to be very minimalist in terms of a user interface. The problem is that the game lacks the ability to tell you most of what is happening in-game when it comes to looting, gaining experience, and so on. For many MMO players this information is absolutely necessary. Thankfully there are some great UI addons that correct some of these issues.

Slightly Improved Experience Bar

This is probably one of the simplest yet most useful addons available. ESO fails to tell players exactly how much XP they earn from each kill or quest completion which can be rather annoying. Plus it’s somewhat annoying trying to figure out how much more experience you need to level up.

ESO Slightly Improved Experience Bar

Slightly Improved Experience Bar fixes this a bit by giving more information about earned XP and improving the display of player leveling progress. This makes it much easier to determine how much experience you’re earning and how much longer it’ll be before you rank up again.

You can grab this handy addon from this ESOUI page.

Achievement Tracker

Achievements have become an integral part of pretty much every game these days. And loads of us love to go out and hunt them down. Unfortunately Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t do a great job of explaining what achievements are available to get or how to get them. That’s where the ESO Achievement Tracker addon comes into play.

ESO Achievement Tracker

This addon transforms a portion of your in-game Journal into a full-on tracking panel for all achievements. It lets you discover what achievements are available to get, automatically detects and alerts you of achieves that are available in the zone you’re currently in, and shows your current progress on each one. It’s an extremely useful tool for achievement hunters.

You can download the Achievement Tracker via this ESOUI page.

ESOhead Markers

ESOhead Markers is a supplemental addon for the original which gives players an advantage by providing markers for every gathering node, chest, and Skyshard location on the map. It displays these locations based on nodes & chests that you’ve previously encountered.

ESOhead Markers Addon

This addon does, however, display all Skyshards on the map whether or not you have found them yourself. So, if you’re someone that would prefer to explore the world and seek these out yourself you may not want to use it.

You can download the ESOhead Markers addon via this ESOUI page but please note that you will also have to download and install the official ESOhead addon (if you haven’t already) in order to use it.

Miscellaneous ESO Addons

This section is for random other addons we’ve discovered and believe are worth using. These are typically designed to address a very specific need that isn’t combat or general UI related.


Sick of having to visit a merchant every so often and dump unwanted junk items one by one? Well now you can sell all the items you consider be a waste of space in a single sweep anytime you go to a merch using the insJunkYard ESO addon. This wonderful work of art allows you to mark certain items as junk and once you go to a merchant to sell stuff these marked items will automatically be sold all at once.

ESO insJunkYard Addon

This addon has several user configurable options that allow the player to label certain items as junk, automark certain item types as junk, and auto-sell all items that are considered by the player to be junk. Very useful and easy-to-use tool.

You can download the insJunkYard addon via this ESOUI page.

Know of an addon that you think is an absolute necessity in ESO that isn’t already listed here? Let us and other players know by telling us about it the comments section below.

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  • zgrssd

    Tactical Foundry was just waht I was looking for. Hope the ESO UI’s ability to report buffs and debuffs to add-ons get’s improoved.
    It sometimes feels like ESO is a MMO that is shy about being an MMO.

    insJunkYard seems rather useless, as you can sell everything marked as junk via the X key once in vendor interface. I view my “junk” pile a bit like the “Paper Tray” on my computer.

  • Solstice

    Great list of ESO addons, I would also recommend it adds map pins for skyshards to the world map

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